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A skanky female who enjoys back door loving
That chick is one serious skizzlebutt
by Curly Gonzo May 24, 2007
Primarily a relatively large unattractive female who tends to be on the more "personal fiendly" scale of personality. A skizzlebutt usually has carried a well earned degrating reputation from many different breeding grounds. They may have multiple partners and others may have multiple at the same time. A common characteristic of these creatures is an insationable desire for rear entry pleasure.
I cant believe you allowed that dirty SKIZZLEBUTT into your bedroom. You should have sent her a one way ticket to skizzle-town.
by Curly Gonzo May 24, 2007
Pubic lice with serious biting power, similar to a crocodile bite. Crabs. Parasites. Crotch crickets.
I saw LIL STEVIE scratching his pubes all day, that chick he hooked up with at the beach must have given him some some serious salt water crockets.
by Curly Gonzo May 24, 2007
A shorter way of saying crotch cricket. A parasite commonly found in the genital region. Crabs.
I think I saw a giant crocket hopping out of that skizzy's laundry basket.
by Curly Gonzo May 24, 2007

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