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The act of texting or calling a person, usually late at night, with the intention of strictly cuddling. None of that "hooking up" business.

The official rules for a Cuddle Call are as follows:
1. The text message or phone call must be straight to the point and must include the word cuddle.
2. As you are sending or receiving the text or phone call you must apply deodorant or some sort to your body. Nobody wants to cuddle with the a person that reeks of B.O.
3. Quickly travel to your cuddle partners location and then get to cuddling.
4. You may whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears if you agree on it beforehand.

5. If you both decide something physical should occur you must immediately change the title of your rendezvous to a Booty Call.
Example 1
Marie: "I really just want to spoon without the expectation of anything else happening."

Natalie: "Well, you could always Cuddle Call Nick!"

Example 2

Ryan: "Broski, you just got out of a relationship. You don't want to jump into anything too quickly. Maybe you should try a Cuddle Call."
by CuddleTrain April 25, 2010
A phase used to describe a person's one time experimentation with the sex opposite of their sexual orientation. Usually the term is used with the words college, alcohol, drunk, "crazy night", and the most popular "it was just a phase". The phrase comes from the idea of how awkward it would be to eat spaghetti with a spoon and how it would be possible to finish a meal with the wrong 'equipment' but, ultimately, you would prefer a fork(or whichever utensil you are most comfortable with).
Example 1
Dad: "Believe it or not, your Uncle Tim was a pretty big party animal. In fact, back in college your he tried eating spaghetti with a spoon. It was just a phase."

Example 2
Barbara: "I want to date Tiffany but I heard that she hooked up with a man last night."

Michelle: "No worries girl! She only tried eating spaghetti with a spoon because it was free drinks night."
by CuddleTrain April 26, 2010

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