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One of the greatest main-stream rappers out there. His lyrics don't only have good flow but, they make bounce off the fucking wall with laughter. This is coming from a White/Filipino girl who also listens to rock and has been raised to hate rap, so you know he has to be good.
Ludacris's songs are... ludacris!
by CryingRook May 14, 2006
The strangest, most clamourous, most obnoxious of all instruments. They are even more annoying than the Flute. trumpets are annoying and usually played by the most defiant person in the band. Hell, trumpets are so irritating, they don't deserve to have their name capitalize, not even at the begining of a scentence. trumpets should mellow out like they're cousins, Cornets. They are much more beautiful in every way compared to the trumpet. By the way, this is coming from an Alto Saxophonist, not a Cornet player. Unfortunately, they usually get all the solos because they're the loudest. A Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe, French Horn, or Trombone would sound much better in a solo, instead. Since trumpet players are the main people looking this up, I'll probaly have many disagree with me.
What do a trumpet and lawsuit have in common? Everyone is happy when the case is closed!
by CryingRook May 12, 2006
It's an OK show on Nicklelodeon. OK, not great. Infact, it's just above the shitting line. It is you're classic, I'd say stereotypical, good-vs-evil, children-saving-the-world plot. Most people just like it because of the animation... and, no, it's not anime. It's American animation imitating Japanese anime. At least it's not as bad as Teen Titans. The characters are cliche'd such as Aang who is like Goku from DragonballZ. Soka is like the smart-ass, sexist comic relief and Katara is like the wise, feminime runner-up character who will probaly end up falling in love with Aang like most kid-directed shows. Unless, Nickledeon thinks that is inappropiate. There are, of course, the ultimately bad guys but, no neutral side army. It has some good moments and then, the not so good. Overall, I'd rate it: 5-10
In my opinion, Avatar: The Last Airbender is kind of boring and predictable.
by CryingRook May 05, 2006

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