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Some dude who has studied a martial art (such as karate), and therefore thinks he is really bad ass, but then some bully comes along, tackles him, and punches his face in. Funny, because it sounds like "Karate Kid".
Simon took up a stance and told Jake to back off or he would have to teach him a lesson. I think he said something like "Get lost or I'll give you a free karate lesson, whether you like it or not." Jake, voted MVP on the wrestling team, beat the fuck out of that twit! What a CRUDDY KID!
by Cry Chain Cane December 07, 2006
noun, verb, adjective or adverb: To be like or do like Bruce Lee when it comes to fighting skill, ie, you are Bruce Lee's equal and no one else is better, no Jet Li, no Jackie Chan, no Chuck Norris, no Tito Ortiz, etc.
Billy Jack was at the bar looking for Little White Dove but the Hell's Angels gave him shit so he had to whip out some bruise lee on 'em.
by Cry Chain Cane May 07, 2006

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