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TO fart as you walk in front of someone in order to make them get the full effect of it.
Oh man I saw his face after you crop dusted him.... nice
by Cruz Heimer January 08, 2009
When guys lift up their junk before sitting down in order to avoid sitting on their boys.
Man that guy just smashed his balls when he sat down.

Yeah he should have nut-lynched.
by Cruz Heimer January 08, 2009
Respectively, bullshit.
A kid in highschool tells his teacher what he did for the weekend.

teacher: what did you do over the weekend?

kid: I went and got into a fight with my dad and beat the crap out of him, and that's how I got this black eye.

teacher: reclama. what did you really do to get that black eye.

(you use this in a professional situation when you know someone is lying)
by Cruz Heimer March 07, 2009
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