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A high level attitude common among many Information Technology personnel, technical support, software developers and similar professions. It is usually demonstrated by a great deal of arrogance, condescension, a propensity to offer insult and a strong emotional response to any perceived suggestion that a given problem is the result of an issue within 'their' code / network / database / realm of influence.

This attitude has been previously acknowledged in pop culture but never specifically defined (see Nick Burns, Saturday Night Live).
Vendor: "We've traced an communication issue between our application servers and your environment using Fiddler / Wireshark. It looks like there may be a problem with your proxy or firewall blocking specific files from our domain."

IT Rep (ITtitude): "There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Network. We are not having similar problems with other vendor software. Our proxy servers are configured based on industry standards and our local security policies. I refuse to entertain the possibility that an issue lies on my network. Please go back to your systems administrator and pursue a solution to this issue from your end."

User: Now I'm trying to do this quarterly and I can't get the stupid email attachment to open at all.

Nick Burns (ITtitude): Hmmm...it's the email that's stupid, not you..right?
by Crotchrocket April 30, 2013
motta 1) A person who excessivly drinks coffee and other caffinated drinks to mix the taste with cigarettes, often resulting in violent shaking.

motta 2) A suburb residing hitman/woman who mercilessly disposes of human being for their clientel. It's rumored you never see or hear them coming.
motta 3) Derived from the 1500's Spanish word "armada," meaning, "fleet of warships," Urban ethinic groups use it to describe their "gang," or "homies."
1)Due to motta's habits, they tend to have terrible breath.

2) "Hey! Johnny, it's Tony, hey listen, how much did you pay for that motta last January? I kinda know someone I want wiped off the face of the Earth, call me back when you get this alright?

3)"Pshhhh. Shit. ***** said he got boys, boys kid. ***** don' know I got the whole motta on speedial, one through nine, shiiiiit, and if that ***** don' wanna throw hands, we'll dance fight him and his crew. Shiiiit."
by CrotchRocket January 10, 2008
A condition in which a male is seated in a chair with his legs spread slightly apart, such that his pants are stretched tight around his crotch and the profile of his testicles, as split by the pants seam, is very visible.

Male version of 'camel toe'.
Man, you've got a huge chieftain going there!
by Crotchrocket April 15, 2009
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