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Something that reads like random letters on an eye test chart. From the comic strip "The Duplex."
Optometrist: "One letter at a time, please."
by Crossfire905 August 18, 2008
An expensive, overly-hyped movie which turns out to be a major flop.
"Heaven's Gate" and "Ishtar" were two of the worst blockblusters ever made.
by Crossfire905 January 13, 2010
A season of frenzied Christmas retailing, occasionally incorporating some elements of Halloween and Thanksgiving, lasting from around Labor Day to the start of New Year's Week Dec. 26th.
Last August, I saw bags of chocolate Santas next to the Halloween candy at the store. I swear, Hallowanksmas starts earlier and earlier every year.
by Crossfire905 November 03, 2012
A deep, low-pitched fart
"The last time I ate that much chili, I was doing tuba solos all night. My wife had to go sleep on the couch."
by Crossfire905 December 25, 2012

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