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Totally awesome, Wicked cool. Hyperbole of awesome/cool
Dude, that round of speedball was so eno!
#eno #awesome #cool #wicked cool #major
by Dwreck53 June 17, 2008
1. The name usually used by non-musician/producer/techincal wizard Brian Eno. Sometimes capitalized as ENO and usually followed by "& Fripp."
2. An "instrument" that is also known as a mixing board as controlled by Brian Eno.
1. Eno's music is always inventive!

2. Listen to the way that he used the Eno on this track!
#eno #glam #roxy music #ambient #ambient music
by Rev. Dr. M. March 21, 2007
Enos' are very social and everyone who meets them are automatically their friend. They have fun-loving personalities that make everyone want to hang out with them. They care about family life and make family their first priority, they are the type of people who want to make a difference in the world, and do so through their personality.They are usually musically inclined and use it to express themselves.

Enos is a the same name of the grandson of Adam (Gen 5:6; Luk 3:38)
Today at the club I met this guy, he was such an Enos to everybody!
#social #amicable #cool #friend #family
by fredseviltwin January 09, 2011
A godforsaken suburb of Kingston, Oklahoma which in and of itself barely qualifies as a town. Those from Enos are commonly referred to as an "Enos Penis".
Guy #1 "I'm from Enos. Know where that is?"

Guy #2 "No."

Guy #1 "It's just outside of Kingston. Know where that is?"

Guy #2 "No."

Guy #1 "It's in Southern Oklahoma. Know where that is?"

Guy #2 "No."
#oklahoma #bfe #penis #boondocks #hick
by Bamchug April 25, 2009
A slang abbreviation for Early and Often.
Hey you coming to happy hour tonight? Oh yea, I'm in E n O...
#early #often #in #yes #of course
by Dillard December 22, 2006
Totally awesome, magnificently cool, hyperbolic form of cool/ awesome.
Dude, that round of speedball was so eno.
#eno #awesome #cool #wicked cool #major
by Dwreck53 June 16, 2008
1. An oral medication that aids heartburn. Fizzes on contact with water.

2. A slang name for a morbidly obese woman. As one would need to sprinkle to see where it fizzes in order to aid copulation.
Billy: Check out that Eno's over there!

Jim: Yeah dude she must weigh at least 180kg's!
#eno #enos #fat #obese #heartburn
by sarcasm@will February 08, 2010
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