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1.) Music you can listen too for years on end, without getting bored of it.

2.) Music that gives you this wonderfull feeling in your stomach, and makes the hairs on your back stand upright.

3.) Music that stimulates your brain and helps you think clearer.

4.) Music that is made with a lot of love, care and time.
1.) Good music lives for ever. people will still listen to the Beatles 50 years in the future.

2.) I love people are strange from the Doors. it makes me feel al warm and fuzzy.

(guy)Stephen Hawking likes classical you know
(girl)Ofcourse, classical music stimulates the intellectual side of the brain.

4.) I dont totaly agree with that. some early RAP is made with a lot of love and care but its still cRAP.

Also ..Cori <3.. a guy who posted a thread a few passes back has a good music taste. if you listen to RAP, pop or country. pick a few of those bands he has listed and feel your mind getting clearer.
by Cro..Scream March 06, 2006
1.) any actions or thought that goes against the persons self-chosen moral system.

2.) a consious being that is out to destroy, break apart and dysbalance a system of mutual correspondance.

3.) to go against the mainstream and populair culture, by creating and adhering to a moral system that is outside the bounds of accepted conduct by the mayority of the dominant culture.
(christian girl)why do you think christians are evil?
(Atheist girl) because you christian spread the gospel of love and tolerance, yet its a well know fact that the most cases of murder, rape and abortions happen in christian communities. you are all hypocrites.

2.)I hate you because you are better then i me. i am going out of my way to destroy the relationship you have with your girlfriend by spreading nasty rumors about you sleeping around with other people.

(Christian) you are evil because you are not like me and you dont blow the cock of god every sunday.

(alternative) you are evil because you listen to shitty music and have a poorly defined moral system.

(atheist) you are evil because you belief in god and are not capable of creating your own moral sytem.
by Cro..Scream March 06, 2006
1. spirituality is dark and brooding, and does not fit a stereotyp. you can be nice and spiritual or be a mean asshole. spirituality is knowing yourself and your inner definity. the christal weilding freaks and so called lambs of god are not spiritual.

there are different kinds of spirituality but most kinds centre around nature, sex and darkness. someone who is a prude is not spiritual, someone who destroys nature is not spiritual. and how old are you until you lose that fear of the dark?

spirituality can be the jazz of john coltrane or the metal of marilyn manson, the smashing pumpkins or dead can dance.

i think that both satanism and wicca are spiritual. i think you can be a atheist and be spiritual. a christian or buddist, though such religions are designed to keep you from evolving. spirituality is about being openminded and conguering your fears.
by Cro..Scream March 12, 2006
1. new age are people who claim they are spiritual but are really one of the most un-spiritual people on this earth together with the christians. some people who are happy and treehuggy can be spiritual, like for example someone associated with enviromental movements or wicca.

2.music that is supposed to be spiritual, and good? who wants to be good, i love evil. dont you?
1.if you want spiritual people, try looking up people who dont fit the spirituality stereotyp at all. trust me spirituality can be very dark. new age age is light.

2. spiritual music can be jazz like john coltrane or punk music like dead kennedys. marilyn manson is spirituality and so are the smashing pumpkins. so is enya, he atleast i dont stick with a stereotyp of good or evil.

by Cro..Scream March 12, 2006
the netherlands are great because nothing ever happens here.

be as it may, you hate use dont you.... because weed is legal here and we can have sex with hookers... and gays can get married here. most of you republicans are closet gays arent you. the netherlands is a great country, the last bastion of free thought and civilizations. unlike america and..or china who all gave in to either capitalism or communism...

we are socialist, you see balance that what we dutch are good at. capitalism..socialism..communism.

most of the dutch people here are GAY, and LIBERAL. and we are all COMMIES and we hate CHRISTIANS. that why i love my country. and we worship the dark lord.

think about it christians.. 60 procent is devoutly atheist, weed is legal and so is prostitution. there are sex shops everywhere. and you can watch PORN on public tv after 8 o´clock. satanism is very populair here too.
i love the netherlands
by Cro..Scream March 11, 2006

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