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To get bitch smacked with an umbrella
imma kick yo ass

Random bystander: Here use this umbrella


Bystander 2: Damn he just got brellasmacked
by Crispy#72 September 19, 2009
Throwing a punch without thinking, it hits the person almost instantly after you throw it
Hey guys cut it out, your bugging the shit out of me
If you dont stop im gonna hit you with an instafist
by Crispy#72 August 25, 2009
The feeling that you might die if you dont get to some water soon, wanting to go scuba diving terribly
Guy 1: Bro looking out at this lake is driving me nuts i wanna go swimming like now

Guy 2: So your going scubacidal?

Guy 1: Yes exactly
by Crispy#72 August 25, 2009
A feeling of extreme happiness or joy
I was just out all night with friends, i am in a state of pure shitnigism
by Crispy#72 August 25, 2009

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