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4 definitions by Crin

Of to or pertaining to the city of Youngstown, Ohio.
Yompton born, Yompton raised, Yompton proud.
by Crin January 23, 2004
A comical/slang phrase used to describe a mans ejaculatory fluids.

Or... a funny name for cum. ;)
Dirk shot population paste all over Brooke's back
by Crin February 15, 2005
Finding someone's Facebook/Myspace is still logged in and posting a new status update as them, usually to embarrass them.
John status jacked Jane last night on Facebook did you see? It said she was eating ice cream off of her dogs belly.
by Crin October 24, 2008
To gyrate and jiggle ones posterior using just the hips.
People loved to watch Jade boogle on the dancefloor.
by Crin January 05, 2006