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A group of 3 or more dudes beating on a chicks skull, with their dicks, until it breaks open. They then consume the chicks brains and fling poo.
Detective Steele suspected the victim was Monkey Skulled, due to the feces on the walls and the lack of brains in her skull.
by creedem June 24, 2009
The bulge of fat/skin that protrudes atop and hangs over, the waistband on a woman wearing mom jeans. Similar to a muffin top, only approx 3 inches higher. Just below the boobs, creating a shelf for the boobs to rest upon.
Wow, look at the muffin top on that girl!! No, that isn't a muffin top, Tori, its a boob shelf. She is wearing mom jeans after all!!!!!!
by Creedem June 28, 2009

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