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The deep tan color of skanks that do nothing but go to tanning booths and have sex. See Snooki.
Girl 1: She is such a slut.
Girl 2: How do you know?
Girl 1: Look at her! She's wearing booty shorts, no bra, and her skin is practically whorange!
by Creative@College April 11, 2010
The audible moan from the mouth of a guy when someone brings up Twilight to his significant other. This phenomenon is most likely due to the fact that he knows comparisons to Edward and Jacob are inevitable.
Friend: Hey Anna, did anyone ever tell you that you look just like Bella from Twilight?
Anna: No way!
Anna's boyfriend: *TwiSigh*
by Creative@College March 27, 2010
People who abbreviate everything in text messages to "save time," and thus look like major douches. This "time saving" often takes more time to translate than it does to just write what you mean, making the abbreviasshole even more of a dickwad.
"Bro wts ^ lol hw r u m8 im jc'ing o shit g2g ttyl yo"

"Stop it, you abbreviasshole"
by Creative@College May 18, 2010
The act of eat cereal as a means of skipping the normal time it takes to prepare food. Frequent among college kids.
"Class is in 2 minutes? Time for a Cinnamon Toast Time Crunch!"
by Creative@College April 23, 2010
A subset of porn featuring solely gay asian males. Common among non-asian viewers as a fetish.
George Takei could make all of the gossip blogs if only he did something gaysian.
by Creative@College June 04, 2010
When everyone know's a guy is gay, but he refuses to come out of the closet.
Jeff: Oh my God, Becca, your shoes are sooo fabulous!!!
Rebecca: JEFF! Come out of the invisible closet already!
by Creative@College April 11, 2010
The muscle tone one gets from masturbating frequently and rigorously.
"Hey, have you seen Gary? Did he start going to the gym over summer?"

"Are you kidding? That's just masturbatone."

"Wow, he must have masturbated a lot these past few months!"

"This is a really awkward conversation for two people to have about another"
by Creative@College March 20, 2010

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