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1 definition by Crazytaxi

Ultimate stage of simplistic philosophy spread among facebook groups. This new-age ideology is mainly based on observations of life by mentally-challenged teenagers. It is generally related to relationship topics, despite writers having obviously no idea about what a relationship is. By connecting sweetness to dullness in a 'poetic' way, facebook wisdom creates a whole retarded approach to life.
Popular illustrations include:

"Love gives birth to jealousy but jealousy kills love"

"It's easy to learn loving but hard to forget"

"You can only fight when you know what you fight for"

"The adventure of life is to learn, the gaol of life is to grow, the nature of life is to change, the challenge of life is to overcome, the essence of life is to care, the beauty of life is to give, the joy of life is to love."

Possible use:
Sam: 'You know Bob, life may be hard but death is harder'

Bob: 'I just told you I've just been dumped! Now, stop the facebook wisdom and get me real advice.'
by Crazytaxi April 17, 2010
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