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An obvious junkie. One whose addition is so far gone that he or she cannot focus his or her eyes or consume the addictive substance properly. Often seen throwing cookies at their own faces, crumbling them up in their mouths and not swallowing or babbling incoherrently or both. Looks dazed, blue and cross-eyed.
C is for cookie and that's good enough for me ~Cookie Monster of Sesame Street reveals his tragic obsession.
by CrazyLock March 24, 2005
Term I like to use to mock rowers and rowing. A spandex monkey = a rower, because he or she is most likely a monkey-like creature who wears spandex to race.
Me: Hey, spandex monkeys, how did the stick-pulling competition go!
Spandex Monkey: Great... Now I have a shiny object to play with
by CrazyLock June 24, 2004
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