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3 definitions by CrayzCass

1. A promiscuous female who hops from guy to guy in a crew in the hopes that one of them will see her as more that just a cure for blue balls.

2. A female who's lack of self respect causes her to find validation from penetration.

Example 1
Jules: Shaka! Did you hear?
Cass: Hear what?
Jules: Bianca fucked Sodrel AND Ikeler last night!
Cass: FoReeeal!? Actually, to tell you the truth.... I'm really not surprised, she's such a BEAZY...
Jules: FoReeeal! You got that right!

Example 2
"That chick BE EASY! She wins the BEAZY AWARD of the MONTH!"
by CrayzCass May 16, 2008

2. Super cool and fucking awesome!

3. This HIGHER state of being is only possible if you were born a Fanfan!
Jesse: Dude! Last night was sooo crazy!
Erin: I know, tell me about it! Cass was hilarious!
Jesse: I KNOW! She's fucking FANFANTASTIC!
by CrayzCass May 19, 2008
1.Protective eye wear that one uses to block the sun, avoid eye contact, or wears as a fashion staement.

2. Sun Glasses
Jules: Cass, have you seen my V Zippers?
Cass: Hun! Your SUN G's are on yo head!
Jules: Shaka Zulu, I'm faded!
by CrayzCass May 20, 2008