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Sexual position, woman on her back with only her shoulders touching, pelvis high in the air. Man has both of her legs on either side of him or in the "wheel barrow" position. Act performed on a women from Southeast Asia so she may slide across the bed or floor. She can be flipped face down for the "Reverse Wonton wheel barrow" but rug burns may insue. Flexibility is paramount.
Ling Mai wanted to do something different so I got her in the Wonton Wheel barrow!
#butterfly #missionary #whirlybird #neck bridge #rug burns
by Crasher B May 05, 2006
Dark black shit that spackles the entire bowl of the toilet. Form of loose stool that looks like dirt and needing more than a brush to flush it down. Stinks very bad. Won't come off if it's let to dry.
Who took a peatmoss shit in the can?
#dump #turbo dump #spackle #bowl painting #diarhea
by Crasher B May 05, 2006
Another term for skid marks, hash marks or Bacon strips in a pair of underwear. More of a blotting stain than a stripe. Caused more from a fart gone wet than inpropper wiping.
John's mother was worried as she continues finding hash browns in his undies.
#hash marks #skid marks #bacon strips #poop stains #anal seepage
by Crasher B May 05, 2006
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