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25 definitions by Crapper McGee

n. meaning to return a favour on a later occasion, i.e. borrowing money and paying that person back later.
Let me borrow some ends, I'll hit you back on the 1st, by brotha...
by Crapper McGee March 27, 2004
'I hear you' or 'I hear ya'

Old hippie expression for accepting another persons statement/oppinion even if you do not agree with them, because you respect the other persons right to their own oppinion and freedom of expression and speech.
Asshole: Hitler had the right idea,
he was just an under-acheiver!
Hippie: Mmmkay, man... I hear you!
by Crapper McGee March 27, 2004
Group of hardcore metal fans, not pussy-metal hair-band fans, but real hardcore metal-music fans. Often spotted sporting riveted armbands, black leather trenchcoats, heavy metal-plated boots and long, black hair. Will frequently haedbang, play air-guitar and do the metal/satan hand-sign.
Dude, with that totally gay pink shirt, I'd try to avoid the metal milita over there if I were you.
by Crapper McGee March 27, 2004
A word assosiated with how one rates an objects usefulness, usability.
Q: "So, how's the usability of this Cut'n'Slice-A-Matic©?"
A: "It's a fairly high usability object, Bob".
A: "Not sold in stores, Bob, cuz it's a piece of shit":
by Crapper McGee January 24, 2004
a more complicated way of saying "fuck off" to a person.
Dude1: Hey, you like sex and travel?
Dude2: Yeah, sure!
Dude1: Then FUCK OFF!
by Crapper McGee March 27, 2004
Breast implants/female with breast implants
"Whoa! That's some serious bolt-ons!" or "She's an obvious bolt-on."
by Crapper McGee January 23, 2004
Any halucinogenic drug. Refers to the halucinations you experience while under the influence of halucinogens, as they can be like dream, but in a conscious state.

Also a song by the band "At The Drive-In".
Dude1: Hey, you're acting kinda wierd, man.
Dude2: You know that last tab of acid I was saving?
Dude1: Yeah?
Dude2: I dropped it.
Dude1: Far out, man. You took a sleepwalk capsule?
by Crapper McGee March 27, 2004