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A dance using glow sticks or micro lights usually performed at a rave or dance clubs.
"Whoa! Cech out the etards doing light shows."
by Crakrjak November 26, 2003
One who is addicted to or fiending getter gak(ie meth)
"Homeboys a gakster!"
by Crakrjak November 16, 2003
Methanphetamine, speed, angel dust, crank, you know...that tweak shit.
"He's hooked on the geeter gak"
by Crakrjak November 16, 2003
A group of obnoxious Filipinos who all dress the same, drive Hondas and click their tongues to get your attention. Too brown to be preppy, too short to be bangers.
Like I say to my little filipino friend whom they've shunned for mingling with the white folk..."Oh shit look out! Here comes the flip squad break dancin' again."
by Crakrjak November 20, 2003
A ridiculous amount of badunkadunk(ie booty)
When you see a girl with a large or just plain wierd butt you would say "That is just redunkulous"
by Crakrjak November 16, 2003

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