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a large bubble of spunk...
That bird likes to blow spunk bubbles
by Craig ball April 06, 2003
Persons who are convinced that the
web will replace all other forms of
storage and transmission of the written
"I ask for a reference and they give me
a web page, what a buncha' DOTCOMMIES."
by Craig Ball June 12, 2003
An exclamation expressing extreme satisfaction, often heard in relation
to a fortuitous drug purchase or the
onset of a pronounced drug effect.
"Yar...that's the best batch yet,yar!"

"Yar,that would be yarish...."
by Craig Ball June 08, 2003
Not a drug : a weapon, this incapacitating
agent is not exactly what most people would
find recreational. We're talkin' three days before you realize you forgot to wipe your ass, much less put on any pants.I've seen things in the course of keeping the world safe for McDonald's,this stuff's like insectacide,you fly over and deploy and on the fly by the people on the ground are all layin' on their backs kickin'. Still some in stock,don't let 'em fool 'ya.
Also: anything which is effective to the point of overkill.
"Yar, that was BZ."
by Craig Ball June 10, 2003
Slang term for a mild pharmacutical stimulant capsule. Ionamine.
"Yar, we were wunderin' if ya' could
hep us owt with a couple of YELLOW SUBMARINES for ta' see the mornin' light."
by Craig Ball June 08, 2003
Same as "Yar".
An exclamation often heard in relation to a fortuitous recreational drug purchase,or at the onset of an unusually pronounced drug effect.
The origin of this word is indeed to be
found among the high-sea pirates of yore; current usage simply puts it into the mouths of their post-modern-day counterparts.
"Oh,YAR...that stuff'd knock the peachfuzz offa' Thai pirate's chest!"

"Yar,Yar,...sweet deal on the barrel of yaba there mah shabizzler...my ya roi?"
by Craig Ball June 08, 2003
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