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The name given to any machine in Spira by the Yevon Clergy. Most machina are offensive weapons, a perfect example being the colossus Vegnagun, created 1000 years ago. Nowadays, there is a difference between machina and machines. Machines are custom made, often from old or scrapped machina parts. Machina are any mechanical device used by Yevon or New Yevon.
Machina were once forbidden by Yevon, who even defied their own teachings against it!
by Craig Mitchell March 02, 2004
One of the better pieces by the Finnish band Stratovarius. An instrumental piece starting off with a great electric guitar riff, leading into a calm, serene piece of music, finishing with a 'remix' of the initial guitar riff
Stratosphere rocks!
by Craig Mitchell March 02, 2004
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