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12 definitions by Craig McLaughlin

A bevvy session. Scottish term for an outing, usually at night, often in a group where people's goal is to drink, unwind and have a good time.
Tam wis feeling the pain the morning after being out on the randan.
by Craig McLaughlin March 30, 2007
Something of outstanding merit. Normally used as a single word exclamation in Glasgow. (US equivalent may be 'Sweet!'). Similar to the terms stoater or dancer

Also may be used to describe a fine example of a mild misfortune, to placate the offended party.
Finding a fine shell on the beach at Largs wee Kenny showed it to Shug, who concurred it was a dullion.

Shug then punched wee Kenny in the face and stole the shell. When wee Kenny ran tae his Maw, she consoled him by saying:
"that wee shite Shug gave you a dullion of a black eye son"
by Craig McLaughlin March 16, 2007
Other than the obvious....

Arabs are what the fans of Dundee United FC are known as. The nickname stems from their excessively sandy football (soccer) pitch, which in turn is due to their geology on the East coast of Scotland.

Fans will often dress for the occasion in a caricatured Westernised robe and headdress, although last time I checked abstention from alcohol was not part of the MO.
The 1994 Scottish Cup Final had the Arabs of Dundee partying all night long.
by Craig McLaughlin April 03, 2007
Scottish term for a live in lover or common law spouse.

Traditionally carried an air of scandal and therefore a long time favourite term used by sweetie wives over a cup of tea. Now a widespread acceptable practice, the term has lost some of it's connotations.
After his wife died the Minister was tempted to have a bidey-in but knew his parishioners would frown upon such behaviour.
by Craig McLaughlin April 03, 2007
Undesirable young woman from Glasgow. Commonly (although not necessarily) from the schemes, usually fat and hacket with a perm. Can become worryingly attractive after the consumption of copious amounts of booze, with potentially alarming results.
Tam had a taste for adventure and knew the risks of landing a hairy in the sack during a night out in Paisley
by Craig McLaughlin March 25, 2007
The big house in Glasgow.

The finest wideos from Scotland can call this home. Affectionately known as Bar-L to locals, it is a maximum security prison which houses some of the countries most violent criminals.

On the plus side the inmates tend to stay dry unlike most Glaswegians.
A Stoat the ba' sent to Barlinnie is effectively being sentenced to death.
by Craig McLaughlin March 25, 2007
Scottish term for a child molester. Stoat is a verb meaning to hit hard and the ba' refers to a ball. Literally thump a football (soccer for you N American eejits). A stoater is something great, especially a goal in football.

How this relates to child abuse I'm not sure but that's what they call it. Stoat the ba's may be in danger of getting chibbed up Bar-L following conviction.
Irate parent to shifty looking character loitering at a playground:

"See you ya cunt, you some kinda Stoat the ba'? Beat it or I'll kick yer heid in!"
by Craig McLaughlin March 16, 2007