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To describe when something is beyond cool, beyond ligit, or just precious.
"DUDEE! That jacket is sooo diamond;"

"Man, that girl Nina's so diamond..."

"Yeah then Mr. Rosenau totally fell down the stairs and smashed his face!"
"Hahahhaha, that's diamond."
by Crackkbaby February 13, 2008
Verb. Through the internet, to send back and forth images between two individuals interested in eachother. Often very revealing pictures of themselves.
-Usually with a kiss don't tell policy, without the individuals ever really meeting up to do anything. (perfect for long-distance relationships)
"This guy is soo hot. I've been photo-volleying for like a week now, and I bet he's been joing to like half the pics i sent him."

"I wish she was here right now so we wouldn't have to keep photo-volleying eachother... rrg."

"What the fuck man? All these pics of you are like, half-naked!"
"Hahaha, those are for this girl I'm photo-volleying in like Kansas or something."
by Crackkbaby February 21, 2008
noun. a person in a relationship that jumps to the next base on every encounter with their partner.

i.e. if the couple only meets up once a week, first week includes making out, next week is hand job, week after is oral, and week after that is home base.

-usually most common in relationships were one does not see another for long periods of time
She got dumped again? Mann, the only way you can keep those kind of relationships going is if you're a base jumper.

What??! Already??
Sorry, I'm kind of a base jumper.
by crackkbaby March 12, 2008
1) major, central, most common, principal, or absolute thing

-Usually in refernce to a hobby or trait
I ski too, but snowboarding is my main.

Brunettes are kinda main here.

Dudee, I like her a lot, but skating is my main.

by Crackkbaby February 14, 2008
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