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Pwnage on a whole new level.
omg its azia!
by crackhead March 16, 2004
term for a bowl that is packed with random scraps from different batches of weed just as america is packed with people from random countries
This american bowl is hitting hard!
by Crackhead December 07, 2004
once a cheap way to get high until the goddamn goverment banned crack. Now i have to spend 6 grand just to get my weekly cocaine fix from some mexican dude who dont sell it pure.
god i wish for the good old days when a 12 pack of coke was all you needed for a coke fix
by crackhead July 04, 2003
A term used to define a quiet asian kid who is always drunk off his ass.
Dude, lets go get Kevin. Yea man it'll be funny as hell with that Warrasangasilpa. That kid is crazy!
by Crackhead March 01, 2005
A person with ISDN, a drug dealer brother, and a drug dealer sister. This person's ISDN goes down alot. He hates life.
Binks is a Binks, sucks for Binks. Stupid Binks.
by crackhead October 27, 2003
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