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Rampant sheen; 2 possible meanings, either-
1. the sweaty residue covering the body of a person post vigorous intercourse.
2. When a man has shot his load onto a womans bodypart i.e. back.
1. the sex was great, so hot we were both covered with a rampant sheen.
2. Tom: did she let you come on her face?

Steve: Yeah man, she had my rampant sheen all over her! BOO YA!
by CrackWhoMoFo June 13, 2009
Mallet fingers, i.e. when a boy is really bad at fingering a girl, so bad it is painful. Possibly big fingers, or just bad practice.
Jane: Did you have fun with Raymond last night.
Cat: Yeah i heard you went back with him!?
Lucy: Yeah wish i hadnt though, he had real mallet fingers!
Jane: ooh ouch!
by CrackwhoMoFo June 13, 2009
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