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A delicious strain of marijuana. 25% indica 75% sativa. Very heady high with little or no paranoia. Buds smell like fresh fruit.
Freddy: For James' first time i smoked him out a fat J of strawberry cough before school.

Ted: How did it go

Freddy: They had to move him to special ed.
by CrackHe@d May 01, 2007
The famous football player/actor's son aka the real killer.
The evidence/theories that point to Jason.
1.Jason had no alibi the night of the murders He stated he was cooking in front of over 150 people the night of the murders at the restaurant he works at, but the restaurant that he worked at during the murders could hold a maximum of 87 people at any one time. He also later stated in a civil deposition that he clocked out after the murders had taken place.

2.Jason Simpson had developed a crush on Nicole Brown Simpson, and was angry at the lifestyle she was involved in, which included drug use.

3.After committing the murders, Jason called Simpson to the crime scene. Simpson struggled with his son to take the weapons from him, thus providing the detectives with the gloves and the blood evidence that would be used at his trial. Dear also believes this is where O.J. received the cut on his hand that prosecutors said was inflicted during the murders.

4. The bloody gloves were to small to fit O.J. who had larger hands than his son.
Ted: O.J. needs to get locked up forever.

Amy: It was his son Jason Simpson you uneducated fuck.
by CrackHe@d May 01, 2007
"Freeway" Ricky Ross (not the rapper) was biggest and nicest crack dealer in the history of the united states. Reportedly made over a mill a day until his parter in crime (Oscar Blandon) cut a deal with the feds to catch Ricky buying over 200 lbs, for which he is currently serving a life sentence. While Blandon who sold guns to the crips and was Ricky's only supplier served 2 years and was rewarded with a job working for the DEA when he got out.
Ben: Jay-z is pretty hard he pushed mad rocks.

Kevin: He doesn't have shit on "Freeway" Ricky Ross.
by CrackHe@d May 01, 2007

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