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3 definitions by CrAzYBiTcH

1. the act of helping a rival in order to benefit yourself

2. chosing to help a rival for personal gain

3. more "race talk" drivel from NASCAR announcers
"With 20 laps to go, looks like we're going to start seeing some co-opetition."
by CrAzYBiTcH May 01, 2005
adjective - description of one who is both cute and hot(sexy). pronounced the same as second half of \"cumquat\".
1. anime girls in schoolgirl outfits
2. \"Wow, that chick is cuote!\"
by CrAzYBiTcH April 26, 2005
A person of East Indian decent who behaves and presents himself in a decidedly caucasion way. He is like a maple cookie in that he is "brown on the outside but white on the inside."
"Wow, that guy working at Burger King is such a maple!"
by CrAzYBiTcH April 30, 2005