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1.Asian way of say Holy Shit

2.Expression used when a chainsaw guy sneakes up on you in Resident Evil 4.
Hory Shit! That chainsaw guy ripped me in half! WTF!
by CowsGoneWild February 19, 2007
Someone who has had an accident in their pants and/or a retard

very common with babies
Hey! Matt just shit his pants! What a retard!
by CowsGoneWild February 19, 2007
The respnce to "suck my dick" when used in an insult/derogatory form. Normally shuts the insulter up immediately without a chance for comeback.
"You're a retard. Suck my dick" "Present 'em"
by CowsGoneWild February 19, 2007
1. A good tasting/smelling fart
2. A sarcastic way of saying something tastes really bad
Dude that fart was fartalicious
Man that food is so fartalicious it makes me cry
by CowsGoneWild February 19, 2007
A soft sounding fart making the same noise as the name. Lengths will vary.
"DUDE WHAT THE FUCK! Did you just foit?"
by CowsGoneWild October 21, 2007
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