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2 definitions by CountrySwan

PROSELYTASE ... pros·e·lyt·ase/ˈpräsələˌtayz/
Attempting to convert (someone) from one political view, belief, or opinion to another without stopping until tongue tasing them to the ground..
"Maura pressed on to proselytase her views without noticing it was offensive, obnoxious, unappreciated, and generally was shocking people to near death". Not being a house-broken liberal (to say the least). being a overly liberal poop brainwash bend bias misinform mislead squeeze persuade proselyte proselytize sway turn
by CountrySwan October 25, 2011
Chintzy, cheapskate, take-take-take type of disappointing friend you're always generous to but they never reciprocate ~ so now they are demoted to A-hole.
I've sent him/her an expensive gift for 10 years and they never reciprocate..What kind of a chintzhole can be that self-centered, greedy and oblivious to social graces.
by CountrySwan October 25, 2011