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1)extremely funny show on MTV starring Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville and many others.

2)a total idiot
Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass!
by countrygirl January 01, 2005
Funniest show ever aired on MTV. their ratings were killed when those corporate fuckers took it of the air. they still show reruns on MTV.
I need tp for my bunghole.
by countrygirl January 01, 2005
phil is bam margera's fat ass father.
phil margera is the king!
by countrygirl January 01, 2005
A awesome channel that airs old rerun shows such as the power puff girls, Dexter's laboratory, Johnny Bravo and Teen Titans. Brings back old memories from your childhood Way better than Cartoon Network.
Person 1: I hate cartoon network. It sucks!!
Person 2: Have you watched boomerang? It has reruns of Johnny Bravo, Dexter's lab and even Teen Titans.

Person 1: Awesome!! Let's watch it!!
by Countrygirl May 04, 2013
Jenn Rivell's (bam margera's finacee') daughter. she is 8 years old and very cute. Jenn had her from a previous marriage with Nate Mathesson.
Elle is so precious isn't she?
by countrygirl January 01, 2005
extremely rightous punk rock band including the talents of Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals) Tre'Cool (drums) and Mike Dirnt (bass).
Don't wanna be an american idiot!
by countrygirl January 01, 2005
word meaning tosser
He's a right fucking coxie!
by CountryGirl March 23, 2003

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