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Any light truck exhibiting one or more of the following:
Any part or all of a rebel flag.
Bumper stickers mentioning guns, fishin', or hound dogs.
Decals depicting anyone pissing on anything.
"Now there's a hickup truck, complete with Yosemite Sam mud flaps."
by Cosmo Polaski August 11, 2006
One Hundred. Central Southern Mid-Western corruption of 'one hundred'.
"Started printin' me some hunert dollar bills, but my crayon broke."
by Cosmo Polaski August 11, 2006
A gesture of acknowledgement for the actions of fellow motor vehicle enthusiasts. A digitized comment on the driving skills of others.
"Did you see that idiot cut me off. I'd give him the roadbird, but I lost my middle finger in an accident."
by Cosmo Polaski August 09, 2006
The act of presenting personal observation as fact to further a cause.
Was Bush being observasive when justifing the invasion of Iraq?
by Cosmo Polaski September 12, 2006
Justification due to tradition, religious doctrine, or political affiliation. When logic and reason are negated by tradition.
Observitude dictates the support of a president during war, while he/she fails to resolve issues at home or abroad.
by Cosmo Polaski September 12, 2006
The questioning of superstitiously based traditions and beliefs.
"The logic of overstepping sidewalk cracks, to avoid medical calamities befalling ones mother, raises my superspicion."
by Cosmo Polaski August 14, 2006
One with religious covictions that change to suit the situation. Beliefs of convenience.
Are you kidding! Look at the number of partitions in any given religious establishment. Each secular division having it's own bias and condemnation. Believers "shop" for the perfect moral style. As in "My friend just converted from Baptist to Catholicism because his fiance' is Catholic. He's such a Cathlopresbaptic!"
by Cosmo Polaski August 08, 2006
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