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A friend (usually black) that will borrow you a Marlboro cigarette.
Hey Marbro, hows bout another cig?
by CosmicRider March 03, 2007
A person who is a muti talent at doing nothing of human interest but only in human suffering.
Friend: Hey dude you ever get that job scrubbing those waste cans at the abortion clinic?
Dude: No man, I couldn't find any straws.
Friend: I may be wrong but you might be the worlds best multislacker!
by CosmicRider March 09, 2007
Someone who just got their ass kicked or embarrassed by someone with a video cam then downloaded for broadcast on u tube
Did you check out that video of your sister getting u tubed by those bull dyke bitches?
by CosmicRider April 10, 2008
Rush Limbughs status after his 3 failed marriages and 3 time substance abuse clinic stints. They say he also can fit 3 fingers into his own bunghole while smoking a cigar!
Sean: Hey dude,whats up with you going to detox again and your latest wife leaving you for good thistime you MultiLoser?
Rush: Well (pounding hand on desk)it's those liberal media likes that drove me back to the pills and bottle but my wife caught me with an inflatable doll again! "YOU PEOPLE!"
by CosmicRider March 21, 2007

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