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The spectrum of perception.

To have perspectrum is to believe in the impermanence of belief; to see things from all points of view simultaneously.
To understand what was going on in the world, Vin needed to imagine the whole perspectrum of humanity.

"I don't believe in keeping beliefs", said Cortexelus, "I rather take in the perspectrum of things"
by Cortexelation October 14, 2009
The exploration of love and sensual desire through augmented sensory perception or sensory deprivation.

To make love in augmented reality.

A romantic or sexual experience enhanced through the use of transhuman technology.
"Auggle me," she whispered, the words reverbed and delayed through the ocean of pink noise, as Cortexelus was erogenously stunned at the beauty of two formless entities in the void fervently drawn to each other.

Once vibrotranshumanly interfaced, Adam James Davis was immediately and erotically auggled by the cosmic vibrations of the universe.
by Cortexelation October 14, 2009
Haotvof is an acronym which stands for 'Hard and on the Verge of Fapping'

It is expressed usually in the context of having your mind blown by an idea so much that it literally makes you hard.
"WOAH. Multi-band shepard-risset spirals! HOLY SHIT!!!! I'm haotvof right now just thinking about this. The idea has crossed my mind several times, but now I just realized a reasonable way to do it which would be aesthetically beautiful! OMG!!!!!!!!"
by Cortexelation September 11, 2012

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