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An very sensitive yet powerful explosive. Common applications include a really cool-looking cloud of dust (yay!) and setting off even more powerful explosives. Referred to as AP.

Be careful using the acronym AP at school because it also stands for Advanced Placement which is something completely different :P

It's also dangerous to make if you're not being careful.
Guy 1: Why is there a hole in my basement?
Guy 2: I messing around with some AP...
Guy 1: Advanced Placement?
Guy 2: No, Acetone Peroxide. Why would a test blow a hole in your basement?
by Core2Extremist August 05, 2007
Referring to that creepy "almost real but not quite" look when too much 3D graphics is used to enhance movie object. This term comes from the movie Beowulf (2007) where 3D gives Ray Winstone, Angelina Jolie and other actors a very creepy, nearly-real-but-still-fake appearance.
"I hate it when those movie produces use WAY too much 3D in their movies... it makes the actors look creepy."

"Like the Beowulf Effect?"

by Core2Extremist November 25, 2007

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