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Any story told to your parent(s) to soften an event that had transpired that would show you or your friends in the negative sense.

Usually used as a way of comforting your nervous or overprotective parents. Beware, seasoned parents will catch on to one of these MIGHTY QUICK. Be prepared to spill one or two of the less-raunchy details upon question or, simply, upfront.
Parental Alibi
Mom: "What did you all do while I was out?"
Offspring: "Nothing much. We watched TV, made popcorn, nothing much."

Mom: "What did you all do while I was out?"
Offspring: "We abused the furniture, got popcorn all over the living room, shorted out the kitchen circuit while using the microwave, and watched the raunchiest thing we could find on television.
#parents #alibi #lies #white lies #story #softer
by Cordial-tan November 01, 2010
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