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Any story told to your parent(s) to soften an event that had transpired that would show you or your friends in the negative sense.

Usually used as a way of comforting your nervous or overprotective parents. Beware, seasoned parents will catch on to one of these MIGHTY QUICK. Be prepared to spill one or two of the less-raunchy details upon question or, simply, upfront.
Parental Alibi
Mom: "What did you all do while I was out?"
Offspring: "Nothing much. We watched TV, made popcorn, nothing much."

Mom: "What did you all do while I was out?"
Offspring: "We abused the furniture, got popcorn all over the living room, shorted out the kitchen circuit while using the microwave, and watched the raunchiest thing we could find on television.
by Cordial-tan November 01, 2010

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