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The glorious feeling that comes when one engages in nodding in and out of consciousness while Charlie Rose plays on the television in the background. May or may not be accompanied by the euphoric buzz that comes from a light nap.
Oh man, this was a killer afternoon. I came home for lunch and was able to fit in a Charlie Doze before heading back to the office. I'm not certain what that Warner Boofay guy was saying, but I feel like a million bucks!
by CoolGuyRandall November 30, 2009
Noun A person who exhibits the traits commonly associated with a salesperson such as excessive friendliness, obliviousness to rejection, and a willingness to engage in mechanical tactics like mirroring posture. Often used pejoratively, the connotation is that someone is acting in a manner typical of a salesperson, not necessarily negatively. Term can also be abbreviated as SB.
I feel like such a Sales Bastard - in that meeting I talked about the weather and golf while asking about my prospect's kids then presented a bunch of PowerPoint slides and asked a bunch of arduous questions until it was time to leave. Of course, I complimented the receptionist on my way out. What's that? Did I get the business? You bet your ass I did!
by CoolGuyRandall November 19, 2009
A conjugal visit between the sea and sex.
In the middle of the Atlantic, a mermaid climbed aboard the seafaring vessel and demanded to see the captain’s log. When he showed it to her the seamen exploded into frenzy. Oh, the tales of naughtycal voyages.
by CoolGuyRandall February 12, 2011
Adjective used to describe a pleasurable feeling such as that which comes when hot, inflexible, jabbing skates (roller or ice) are removed after being worn for such a long time that you forget how uncomfortable they really are. Can also be used to describe something that just feels good, absent the removal of pain.
Ah man, after sitting on that terrible wooden chair all day, this sofa is like taking off skates.
by CoolGuyRandall July 07, 2009
Somebody who sees the upsides and downsides to both the Republican and Democratic parties. Not necessarily a person who falls in the middle of the spectrum, rather one who has views that align and conflict with both major US political parties.
Did you see that guy go into the bar where they have both fiscally responsible initiatives but are still socially liberal? I really think he’s bi-political. Do you get that vibe from him, too?
by CoolGuyRandall March 20, 2011
The feeling that accompanies a jam-packed queue of recorded shows on ones DVR in which a compulsion exists to watch all the programming and clear the list.
I'd love to come to that party where all our friends are going to be but my DVR Obligation is making me stay home so I can watch my shows. Ahhhhh...what happened to my life???
by CoolGuyRandall January 27, 2012
Short for "facetime with the boss." This is a term used by folks on the fast track to success who utilize the strategy of staying close to the executives in their life so that they'll be liked and promoted. It is almost universally successful.
"Sorry, Honey, I'm going to be home late tonight. Joe's in town and I gotta get my FT with the B-Man so I can get that promotion."
by coolguyrandall November 18, 2011

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