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A chubby girl who is not so fat that she becomes completely sexually unattractive, but is too heavy to be seen socially with. A chubba may be in a lower social stratum and is never higher in status and is often seen as being uninteresting, uninteligent, and generally worthless. A chubba is often a single man's equivalent to a mistress, whom he maintains for sexual purposes whilst shopping around for a more decorative mate.
It's been two months since I've had any ass. I'd better call up my chubba in Riverside.

I'm showing up stag. It's not like I'm going to bring my chubba to a wedding.

I went to see my chubba last night. I felt bad about leaving without flushing her.
by Cool Hand Duke October 02, 2007
The place where you fall asleep whilst stumbling home from the bar.
It was cold last night and I went to beer bed in an ATM halfway home from the bar.
by Cool Hand Duke October 24, 2007
In Canada, in the context of smoking marijuana, a person who becomes excited, exuberant, childish, playful, or sexual. A pelsic stoner favours happy, stupid weed with a low wheelchair index and often wants to go dancing, invent new games, engage in shenanigans, or engage in sexual activity. The opposite of a lothic stoner.
Jimmy's pelsic - he'll come throw rocks at a beehive with me.
by Cool Hand Duke October 02, 2007
Marijuana that makes you tired, dizzy, slothful, or recumbant. Wheelchair is usually the least desireable index by which marijuana is appreciated though some users have a preference for it. Wheelchair has a high analgesic and anasthetic effect without the euphoria that would be found in happy pot.
I picked up some wheelchair pot for my grandmother to help her with her arthritis.
by Cool Hand Duke October 02, 2007
a public display of affection that involves cuddling
Jill and her boyfriend canoodle at the bus stop in the morning on their way to school.
by Cool Hand Duke October 24, 2007

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