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someone who is there for youu no matter what the situation is. someone who won't judge youu. someone who you caan count on & trust with anything. the person that sees you at your worst and at your best. that special person you spend more time with than anyone else. someone who you love to death & will do anything for. that person you can make inside jokes with and then in public when youu say them , people look at you like you guys are crazy but you don't care what people think about your frienship. that person you have good & bad memories with but you cherish each and every one of them. that person that will lay down words to a bitch that tries talking about youu & tries starting shit with you..LOL
anyways, long story shirt, your bestfreind is the person that will always be in you're life no matter what & is 100% trustworthy
Jasmyn is my bestfriend & everything said up there^^ is 100% true about us<3
by CookieMonster101 February 17, 2012

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