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It's basically someone who thinks that he's black or a "nigger" when in reality he is of a different race. Most fake niggers talk slang as if they are a "nigga" and that they were raised from poverty and built their way up to the top by claiming that they have a rap "album". Fake niggers think that they are tough and hardcore when they are actually pussies. They think they can rap like Rap artists such as 50 cent or Jay-Z when in reality they can't because they are afraid to verse and their rhymes are terrible to one's ears. In other words, they suck in rapping and at life.
Jim is such a Fake Nigger that when he talks about his non-existing rap album that he keeps postponing.
Jim is a Fake Nigger that he actually thinks he is a Nigger.
Acting Like a Gangsta, Jim is not only a Wanksta and a Fake Nigger but an third-rate Asshole
by Convert2Satanism October 15, 2007
A Stereotype retard is one who sucks at Stereotyping one's race or religion.
Jason is a Stereotype retard since he thinks that Indians are all Muslims and they are all terrorists.
Kip is a Stereotype retard since he thinks that all black people eat chicken, jump high, and are always chased by police officers.
by Convert2Satanism October 15, 2007
Often referred: to nerds, geeks, dorks, people who do not have a life, hermit crabs, etc. These are people who play video games or computer games excessively and have forgotten about what the outside world would look like outside of their own homes as they are drawn in into the fiction cyber fantasy world of the video game in their own room. They begin to think that life in the video game is real life and believe that "covenants" and "halos" are real life figures. Most obsessed gamers have low social status and would most definitely talk about video games all day and nothing else. Also, most obsessed gamers never leave their homes. When they do, they attend video game tournaments in malls or elsewhere. Not all obsessed gamers play video games thinking they could win the tournament $50. And when they lose, they kill their selves over a $50 Tournament prize. Some play card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokemon.
Ali is one of the obsessed gamers club that he talks nothing but video games all day pissing the shit out of me.
Sam was so obsessed at gaming that he plays 24/7 and thinks that the "covenants" and "the flood" will kill us all one day.
I am an obsessed gamer and all i ever do is talk about games and i live Halo like its life....i kill Covenants with my Xbox controller and never gotten out off my ass ever since i was 12.
I'm so obsessed with gaming that i'd rather have a $134 Legendary Halo 3 Pack rather than having a Hot Girl friend.
I live videogames like its my life
by Convert2Satanism October 15, 2007

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