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The vulture culture, where any piece of Data that can be transmitted will be downloaded by somebody, wether they are entitled to it or not, copyright notwithstanding.
"downloadable music is killing Corporate music distribution giants!"
by Container October 07, 2003
Come to one of these to experience the following:
drugs, sex, cult worship, alternative music, etc.
Ah man I woke up yesterday in a karma hotel, they'd like taken my kidneys out and everything.
by Container September 23, 2003
A utility which Blocks Emails etc
She's ignoring me? Right Killfile her.
by Container October 04, 2003
Alternate pronouciation of all right, typically used when you get access to something really good.
"Awrate! Now we can go clubbing on thursday nights as well"
by Container October 07, 2003
A brand spanking new vehicle, just rolledout of the showroom and ready to take to the roads.
Gleaming Bodywork, up to date technology and a stylish modern look.
My girlfriend is so tight, there's some real low mileage on that one.
by Container October 07, 2003
A word put in as a warning that the person, movie or act it is attached to will be totally and completely unfunny.
"The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood, what's on the other channel?"
by Container October 12, 2003
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