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20 definitions by Container

A large and foul smelling turd of mythical proportions.
I just did a dead wookie an I'm too scared to go back into the bogs to flush it!
by Container September 25, 2003
19 7
Sent to or set out on a task which ultimately has no purpose or likelihood of success.
Discovering as much.
"Damn, we drove all the way to Jackies place only to find she'd gone down to ours!"
by Container October 12, 2003
19 8
1.To show someone how it's done.
2.Beat someone in a competition.
3.Prove someone wrong.
Well, Quentin, you beat him 5-0, you really took him to school.
by Container October 09, 2003
13 3
To ask for confirmation of your audiences understanding, with the expectation that they will affirm what you are saying.
is gotta be dan innit nawwa ahmyean?
by Container October 04, 2003
15 5
Controlling he ball across the pitch, by keeping it close to the feet and veering it away from tackles from opposing players.
"David Beckham dribbled that argentinian instead of focussing on playing the game, consequently we lost the match and the tournement."
by Container October 12, 2003
10 7
An opportunity, that might be presented by another's carelessness.
An opportunity which can be taken without repurcussions.
You left that side wide open for attack, it was fair game in my opinion.
by Container October 12, 2003
14 11
The vulture culture, where any piece of Data that can be transmitted will be downloaded by somebody, wether they are entitled to it or not, copyright notwithstanding.
"downloadable music is killing Corporate music distribution giants!"
by Container October 07, 2003
2 2