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Well Endowed - Meaning that someone has been blessed with a perfect (or long) X. X can be anything from tits, penis or big balls.
Wow! I had another shower yesterday at the gym and Paul walked in butt naked. Man, it's a little depressing but that guy is well endowed!

Tom was well endowed with fully functional diphallia (two penes).
by Connor McCarthy October 18, 2006
Robocock (adj) or (n).

1. Robocock (n) - A vibrator or dildo.

2. Robocock (adj) - Can be used to describe one's sturdy manhood.

3. Robocop's Penis
1. Yesterday I was going through your mom's purse Tom and I found this huge fishpaste covered Robocock!

2. I had sex with Jane last night. I don't know what it was but my dick was quite the robocock! The poor little warrior just kept soldiering on all night long and he refused to quit.

3. Robocop finally caught the evil crook and finished him off with his most deadly of weapons, the robocock.
by Connor McCarthy October 18, 2006
Clitorides (n) Latin - The correct plural of the word clitoris or clit. The incorrect plural clitorises is also commonly used. Like penis it shares a latin plural which the vast majority of the english speaking world appears to be ignorant of, penes.
Hey Tony! Do you think that those whores over there have salty clitorides?
by Connor McCarthy October 18, 2006
Explosion in his pants - Phrase.

1. Denotes an epic ejaculation brought on by a wank by another party.
Michael shuddered due to the thermonuclear explosion in his pants brought on by Jacinta's expert willy jerking technique.
by Connor McCarthy October 18, 2006
Annihilated - To be horribly drunk, usually the night before. Coupled with a horrific hangover.
Tom: What were you like last night?
George: I was absolutely annihilated. I slept in a skip.
by Connor McCarthy October 18, 2006
Someone who hates Horses.
George is such a fudge packing hippist!
by Connor McCarthy October 07, 2007
Tack (n).

1. Tack - A crude way of saying penis, todger, dick and langer.
I was taking a shower with Paul yesterday and by god he has a massive tack!
by Connor McCarthy October 18, 2006
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