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Scemo is basically a mix between emo and scene.
Person 1: Is he emo?
Person 2: No, he's scene.
Person 3: You're both wrong! He's scemo!
by Connnuhr August 11, 2005
Brand New, best known for their singles "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows," and "Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades," is a very highly-reviewed band, with their latest album "Deja Entendu" being listed in the NY Times' 50 Greatest Albums of 2003. While they have been out of the mainstream for quite some time, they still have a large fanbase, and their third album, coming out October 2006, is anxiously awaited by many people. The members of Brand New are Jesse Lacey, Garrett Teirney, Vin Accardi, and Brian Lane, all of which have many fansites deidicated to them. Although many people would disagree with this, Brand New is NOT an emo band. They write songs about things actually occuring, and in person they are very nice and cheerful guys.
Fan: Oh man, I went to a Brand New show last night, it was AMAZING.
Fan: How?
Loser: uhmm... well... EMO!
by Connnuhr August 16, 2006
An adjective that shows one of the best things possible. Please note- "awesome" can be replaced with other positive adjectives, like yummy, pimpin, etc.
That movie was Überawesomeliciousfullnessfull!

Man, that dinner was the most Überyummyliciousfullnessfull ever!!!
by Connnuhr June 23, 2005
An amazing band! Tons of people say they are emo shit or punk posers or goth or whatever. THEY AREN'T! They have even said that they aren't emo, aren't punk, and aren't goth! They consider their music violent-pop. MCR is a great band and anyone who says otherwise probably likes to listen to "good" *cough* music like Lil' Jon! Or the totally non-poser band (right...) Simple Plan!
Pathetic Loser: My Chemical Romance is total emo shit! I love Lil' Jon though!

Me: Yeah. Lil' Jon has talent. He can yell stuff he didn't right with his annoying voice. Wow.

Poser: I love Simple Plan! They're punk! My Chemical Romance is goth and emo and I hate them.

Me: Simple Plan? Punk? Poser is a way better way to describe Simple Plan! My Chemical Romance has talent and aren't goth, nor are they emo!
by Connnuhr August 19, 2005

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