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3 definitions by ConfabulatorsAnonymous

adjective. Of or pertaining to a situation or action which warrants the tying of a noose around one's neck.
Bernice's behavior in pilates class today was particularly hangworthy, with the spandex and all.
by ConfabulatorsAnonymous January 15, 2010
1. noun. Butt crack. Of or pertaining to the fault line in the posterior.
2. noun. Blame or responsibility placed upon a donkey or jackass.
It's not your fault, it's the ASPHALT!
by ConfabulatorsAnonymous May 04, 2010
1. noun. When a manatee gets a canker sore.
2. noun. May also refer to a small town in Illinois.
I wonder if the trainer at the zoo will have to ajust KoKo's diet as a result of her throbbing kankakee?
by ConfabulatorsAnonymous January 15, 2010