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"Caffe" in Italian, from the Turkish "kahve" which was derived from the Arabic "qahwa", a shortened version of "qahhwat al-bun" or "wine of the bean". Dutch traders snuck coffee tree seedlings out of the Arab port of Mocha and transported them to the East-Indies for planting; and from there coffee cultivation and trade spread to the New World and Hawaii.

"Coffee is the common man’s gold and like gold it brings to every man (and woman) the feeling of luxury and nobility." Sheik Abd-al-Kadir “In Praise of Coffee” 1857.

Coffee: The wine of the bean, the earth in a cup.
#cofee #caffe #coffe #ground coffee #percolate
by concupy August 06, 2009
Not removing from the gene pool (slowly, painfully) all the back-stabbing a-holes in your life.
"That *@#!*%#*! back-stabbed me so bad! He/She is lucky I believe in altruism!"

revenge betrayal mercy backstab benevolent
#mercy #benevolence #charity #revenge #get even #back #stab #back-stab #backstab
by Concupy August 09, 2009
to mislead someone, con them, lead them astray, or to "shine someone on" or B.S. them.
"She gave him a total wax job; said she was going out with her girlfriend but really had a date with that biker dude from the bar."

"Promising lower taxes and more Social Security benefits is a Government wax job."

Wax Job = Sign at car wash: "Unlimited Time! (up to 15 minutes)."
#lie #con #mislead #lead astray #shine someone on #b.s.
by Concupy July 22, 2013
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