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A MMORPG that used to be slightly cool, but thanks to some fucktards at Jagex (the Runescape people), the game has been ruined forever. The game is good for a few days, but then it gets super annoying, boring, and hard to level up. But you can't stop.
Steve: "Wanna play Runescape?"
Bob: "Nah, it got too gay. Let's go smoke some pot instead."
Steve: "Good idea, Bob!"
by Comrade 47 February 29, 2008
A combination of George W. Bush and Steve Urkel. Considered by many to be an abomination.
Steve: Did you see that Urk-Bush video on the Internet?
Dale: What's an Urk-Bush?
Steve: What does it sound like?
Dale: Urkel's pubes?
Steve: Why do I hag out with you?
by Comrade 47 August 12, 2008
'Cheesing it' is what you do when you want to get the hell out of somewhere really fast. It's most often used after something is destroyed, someone is caught red-handed, or after somebody is killed.
Britany Spears: "I'm pregnant, Kevin!"
K-Fed's manager: "Cheese it!"


Stan: "Oh my God, you killed Kenny!"
Kyle: "Cheese it!"
by Comrade 47 February 27, 2008
1) A shit-load, a very large amount of something. Similer to a zillion.

2)Somebody who is full of shit, a shit bag.
1) There's a pant-load of ants in my pants.
2)Hey, say 'vaya con dios', dude! Hey, say it! I'm talking to you! Pant-load!
by Comrade 47 April 21, 2008
1. South Park charactor Wendy's last name.
2. What you get when you piss off a sadomachoist lesbain (your balls on a bun).
3. A great alternate name for a hamburger.
1. My name is Wendy Testaburger.
2. I called Sarah a cunt, so she gave me a testaburger.
3. Let's go cook us some testaburgers!
by Comrade 47 February 29, 2008
1) The second game in the HITMAN video game series.
2) A ranking in the HITMAN games only possible by killing just the targets and with no witnesses.
3) To ejaculate on somebody without their knowlage of said ejactulation.
1) I just bought 'Silent Assassin'.
2) I just got the 'Silent Assassin' ranking on 'House Of Cards'.
3) I just gave that bitch a silent assassin on the bus today. Sure didn't see that coming...
by Comrade 47 March 12, 2008
A disk that holds music. Nobody buys these anymore because everyone either downloads music, or have found a way to shoplift CDs.
James: I've saved my allowance for weeks to buy this CD!
Blaine: Why didn't you just download it off the Internet?
Amber: Or steal the CD?
James: ......
by Comrade 47 April 05, 2008

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