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The physical workout Social Workers get from running their clients places, chasing after client's children, or running around the office to get tasks done.
Friend: Hey, want to go to the gym with me?
Social Worker: No way. I got a Social Work-out yesterday chasing after my client's kids at the food stamp office.
by Comosedice December 09, 2010
The name 'Suki' is originally Scandinavian. It is often used in India.
"Suki, pass me the curry.'
- Okay, here you go.

- Thank you, darling.
by comosedice April 24, 2015
1.It is a cross between Discovery and Enjoyment.

2. Used to describe the joy you get when you figure something out.

3. Used when you discover something that is very pleasing.
Example 1: I finally figured out how to solve this economy crisis! What a discoverment!

Example 2:

Me: "Tomorrow I'm getting season 2 of Entourage from my Netflix."
Mexican, Non-native English speaking boyfriend: "Tomorrow I'm getting Season 3 of Entourage in my netflix!"
Me: "Cool, we can have an Entourage marathon."
Mexican, Non-native English speaking boyfriend: "Awesome, what a discoverment!"
by Comosedice October 20, 2010
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