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A Latin American meal at half price.
#1: Yo homie, I's just spanking the rabbit.

#2: Word?

#3: Keep on riding dat velvet whale, homie!!
by Commitment Elvis March 03, 2009
an urban pimple on your ass.
i'm prison lunch, looky here!


i'm wearing a regular jacket but the rest of my ass iz prison.
by Commitment Elvis March 03, 2009
A snuggler under the covers, but also a horse whisperer.
When going west, with a surfboard on the top of your car, remember the sniggler and plant some papayas along the way.
by Commitment Elvis March 03, 2009
A wack nigga with mad flava. And ears like a tropical elf.
I got a glock, wit my man Spock...
by Commitment Elvis February 11, 2009

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