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verb. to laugh excessively in a manner similar to that of an old man who has had a tracheotomy. sounds like the sort of laugh you let out in the morning after a night of drinking whiskEy, wine and smoking a handful of DRINA cigarettes.
"hahahahaha... trach laugh" (insert whooping cough sound)
by Command post Captains November 07, 2009
noun. satiable meal followed by excessive drinking, usually occurs on a saturday night. this meal consists of hot pockets, cellophane wrapped cheeseburgers and burritos purchased from the coolers of a gas station, such as mobil. a bowel movement unlike any other is likely to happen the following morning.
"mmmm, this is a drunkenly delicious and satisfying microwavable feast. thumbs upskie!"
by Command post Captains November 07, 2009
noun. when a very attractive girl has the balls to wear a very white trash sort of sweatshirt conveying images of animals, specifically a pack of wolves drinking from a river in a forest. this also can apply to attractive girls wearing sweatshirts with galloping horses on it.
stephanie: that is a great sweatshirt you are wearing tonight
emily: why thank you. i am very wolfchic this evening.
by Command post Captains November 07, 2009
adjective. when someone is soooo dorky, it's fucking adorable. THUS making them adorkable.
"this is a baseball card of me from 1992 when i was 9 years old. (i had frizzy hair and big glasses) i was so dorky it's adorable. oh my gosh i was ADORKABLE!"
by Command post Captains November 07, 2009
Noun. When a girl shaves all of her pubic hair EXCEPT around her labia, thus forming a pussy beard.
Emily: I need to shave my vagina...
Stephanie: I need to finish shaving my vagina...
Emily: You have quite the labia beard.

(Woman outside bathroom stall snickers as she plays with her labia beard)
by command post captains November 03, 2009
Verb. to shove one's face full of foodage after 2 am and a night spent at thee local pub.
Stephanie: Do you want some manicotti? Soo good!
Emily: No, The mac n cheese is almost done, I'll face it.
by Command post captains October 24, 2009

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