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Inter-course with a dead corpse, enjoyed by many, remember the body stays warm for up to 3 hours after death occurs, so that still almost counts as being alive, and its especially fun when rigamortis kicks in its like being strapped into the buggy on a mouse trap ride at blackpool. And if your partner dies during sex and you've almost came its ok to finsh off.
I love necrophilia, but i cant stand the awkward silences.
by Comero February 13, 2004
1.Asking someone if they have milk from any kind of animal, traditionally cow or rat milk.
2.Asking for drugs known as 'Milk'.
3.Your friend is called Milk and your negotiating his release from a foreign terrorist.
1.I hear you Got Milk?, can i have some?
2.Got Milk? so i can get stoned and anally abuse things whilst giggling like a cheap whore.
3.Both of the above
by Comero February 13, 2004
Fucking Hell, that's not cool
Fuck me freddy, that worm thing shouldn't have just come out of his bleeding ass.
by Comero February 11, 2004
Another way for saying penis, this way bigs up the ego and makes the girls wanna say hello to johnny. If the penis is small see 'Stunted Shaun'
Girl's say Hello to johnny long, say hi and then slap the fucker in your mouth
by Comero February 11, 2004
Rabbit terminology, for suck my dick
1.Suck my Dick
2.Hey bitch go easy when you nibble my carrot.
by comero February 21, 2004
1.To rampently masturbate causing extreme friction, heat and then pleasure
2.To be tied to a moving vehicle and be dragged down the road, the mangled body after the incident will have been killed due to vicious friction, Ouch.
1.Nick used vicious friction to take his stress away
2.Nick used vicious friction on his johnny long
by Comero February 11, 2004
1.Potatoe waffles take revenge on the world and become the dominant species
2.A nasty waffle from the previous day wreaks havoc in your bowels causing the chronic 'wild shites'
3.Someone called waffles takes revenge
1. the waffles revenge is finally upon us
2.Damn that waffles revenge is fucking. up my anus, you can smell the cherries(shit).
3.Waffles got his revenge on Peado Percy.
by Comero February 11, 2004

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